ProDocs: Order Materials in Seconds
Never miscalculate or miss a line item again! ProDocs automatically scrapes the important data from your Scope reports and builds super accurate estimates and work-orders in 10 seconds, ALL FOR FREE!
“When I use a RoofScope® report and ProDocs together, I spend less time at job sites and punching in numbers. It literally saves me hours in a day and days in a week. But the nicest part about it is that I don’t have to spend time thinking about it. It’s like having a paid assistant every time I hit the ‘Generate [ProDocs]’ button”.
- Mike F., Roofing sales professional

Customized Templates

Your Scope measurements automatically fill in the estimate line items, so it's easy to create the right estimate for the job.

Accuracy & Precision

Never forget a line item again. ProDocs does all the conversions and math for you. Bid each plane based on pitch, include all line items to meet warranty conditions, or set your own variations.

Easy Export

Email, download, and print in one click. Stored in the cloud, your ProDocs are accessible 24/7 from any connected device.

Estimate with Confidence

Use ProDocs to make real-time estimates and follow the lead of contractors who run jobs with less waste, and higher margins. Add unique line items, apply O&P, labor, and material costs, and customize the estimate with your company logo. Create and save limitless templates for quick document generation.

Download A Sample Estimate

Create Work-Orders

Never hand-write a work-order again. It takes less than 10 seconds to order materials, with less time wasted in organizing and ordering. With the ready-to-use numbers from your Scopes applied to work orders, the project can start sooner.

Download A Sample Work Order

Supplemental Claims

Use ProDocs in your claims process to get more line items approved, and increase margins. Even embed local code, so you can get paid on the quality work your team is already doing.

Download A Sample Work-Order